Randolph County Indiana Biographies

Thank You to Lora Radiches, for donating your time to doing so many Biographies for Randolph County and the Whole of Indiana, your efforts are greatly appreciated.
I hope we can find out more about the book you so graciously have boughten and are sharing with all.
Again, Thanks Ever So Much
Andrea Long Mar 12, 2005

Thank You Celia Davis for contributing related biographies, often our ancestors had moved away and with items like these we can glean much needed hints. Andrea Long Mar 12, 2005

Thank You Dusti for the biographies that you have donated to the site. They have been greatly used by many.
Andrea Long Mar 12, 2005

Thank You to Gina for pointing out and finding Biographies that many might not ever see without your watchfullness. Keep them coming.
Andrea Long Mar 12, 2005


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Thank You to Gina, Lora, Billy and Paula for the lasted contributions to the Biographies.  Keep them coming!  I couldn't do this without your help.
Andrea Long March 21, 2005
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the time to get this website going.  I know it will be very helpful in our searches and give us much
needed clues and information. A big thanks to  Dusti, Lora Radiches, Celia Davis, Gina Richardson and Andrea Long.

Paula Hobbick Mar 13, 2005