Randolph County History Museum and Genealogy Center

In this area you can search several counties histories and biographies as well as other states that are represented in these shelves. On the two sets of shelves on the left side are all family books that have been donated to the museum.
As Families are researched by volunteers or by a  family member, copies are made and placed here in the Family Files.  These are so full, it may be time to get another cabinet.
In this area you will find indexes of 1820-1870 census, some actual census records, obituaries from local newspapers, death indexes, birth indexes, marriage indexes, township information, cemetery information, county history books, directories and so much more to assist you in your searches.
Volunteers are available to help you with your searches.
Local History Museum

The Mueusm has so much more than these pictures show,  New items are being constantly added.  A new display of Native American Artifacts are now available to view and more will be added soon.  A picture of Andersonville Prison was recently donated and is now displayed in the Armed Services Area.  The old Clock from the Winchester Court House is currently under refurbishment.  School displayes, local organizations, and church information is also on display.  Local school history projects are also on display.

All pictures were taken by Andrea Long on April 1, 2005.

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